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“Flawless X Diamonique” join forces after 30 years of friendship, forged in the entertainment industry to form the long awaited, multifaceted Rapper/Singer duo “FXD” FXD’s debut, and summer anthem hit single “Mary Jane”, left listeners wanting more. The single is from their highly anticipated debut album titled, “Colors” and is scheduled to be released later this year (2022) FXD takes listeners on a musical journey with a descriptive story telling style that has been finely crafted throughout their 30+ years of professional experience. Within “Colors” the highly creative and fun duo touch base on a variety of topics and hit on emotional highs, lows, and everything in between, to create a truly masterful body of work. Topics range from cannabis to politics, chilling with friends, finding and losing love; stacked with all the deeply felt emotions each topic entails.


FXD does not simply deliver music; they connect to the listener with a rarely felt sense of raw purity and openness that is reminiscent of the feeling of when old friends reunite. Flawless is a Rapper, Producer, Actor & Entrepreneur, while Diamonique Noriega is a Rapper, Singer, Producer and Actress. This brilliant pair unquestionably expose their true selves, hearts, and 30+ years of perfecting their craft, with no holds barred. When asked why they chose the name, “Colors”, for their album title, Diamonique jumped right in. “People are multi-faceted. We experience many different emotions throughout the day, week, year. We constantly evolve.” “Yea, like with different emotions relate to different colors. We have a song on the album called, “Season’s Change”, it’s kind of like “Colors”, but as humans we also go through different chapters or seasons of life. Man, life is an emotional journey.” Flawless added. “And we’re taking our listeners on that journey with us”, Diamonique stated. “We don’t call them fans. They’re family” -Flawless “We’re just blessed to be able to express ourselves through music. We’re normal people experiencing life with everyone we meet” -Diamonique FXD wants people to get to know them on a personal level.


Supporting them is as easy as supporting your best friend or family member. I already love these two! I can only describe their sound as fun, vibey, friendly, and deeply emotional, mixed with old school and new sounds. They hint at their influences throughout the album, but Diamonique x Flawless have managed to stand out and carve their own sound and styles. Storytelling is back at its finest with these two industry pros.

Flawless X Diamonique may be industry vets, but I can promise, this is only the beginning. Can anyone say “ Independent Album of the Year?


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